Joe Manzella


Michigan Capitol Quiz

Do you know a thing or two about Michigan's capitol? Test your knowledge on this quiz, which was a test of skill at working in JavaScript/JQuery with arrays, constructors, boolean logic and a bunch of fun ways of manipulating the DOM. Also, this is my first crack at a Bootstrap implementation - thanks, Twitter guys.

Hot or Cold Quiz

This was my first attempt at using mathematical functions and some logic in JavaScript. Guess a number, 1 through 100. It will first tell you how close you are, and then will tell you if you're getting hotter or colder.

Make Ryu Fire A Hadouken

This was the first real introduction to manipulating the DOM using JQuery. Different css classes are activated or deactivated by mouse actions, making this an exercise in interactivity. Strategic use of .gifs gives the illusion of much more complicated motion. Go ahead, give it a try! Hover your mouse over Ryu and then give him a click. Then try holding the "x" key.

USGS Earthquake API

There are many reasons to love Michigan. For Mitt Romney, it was the tree height. For Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, it was the furs. For me? No major earthquakes. To make sure that Michigan is still the place I want to live, I created this handy heatmap that uses realtime earthquake data from USGS based on frequency and magnitude.